Stop Smoking with Pranic Healing

Smoking is a habit with proven negative effects on human health. Many smokers make occasional attempts to try and get rid of this harmful habit and get very frustrated when they fail and return to their old harmful habits. 

According to Pranic Healing, all addictions are based on the principle that in specific energy centers/chakras, there are energy parasites that feed on our negative emotions and our desires. Therefore they end up guiding our desires resulting in our addiction to something.  During the treatment. The patient remains seated and the therapist without touching the body,  applies Pranic Psychotherapy with crystals. The purpose is the deep cleansing of the energy body from thoughts and emotions associated with the desire to smoke.

The parasites then dissolve and a protective field is created in the patient’s energy body.

At the end of the therapy session, the patient has difficulty even  thinking about smoking. The treatment is 99% successful provided of course that the patient wants to quit smoking.

Hundreds of successful Pranic Healing  treatments have been done since 2006 to help combat other addictions such as alcoholism, gambling, drugs, nymphomania and more. Pranic Healing does not intend to replace conventional medicine but to complement it. If a condition is severe or if the symptoms persist, please consult a doctor and a certified Pranic Healing Therapist immediately.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

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