Pranic Healing Psychotherapy

An important part of Pranic Healing is Psychotherapy, a unique technique for the treatment of  ailments of  the Mind and Soul. Pranic Psychotherapy differs from the Psychotherapy we are familiar with. We know that Psychotherapy processes take time and  the patient needs time to recover.  Psychotherapy through Pranic Healing acts on another level and touches the root of the problem. 

What initially makes this procedure different from others is the fact that the patient does not need to explain anything about their problem. By applying  a specific colour Prana, a healer performs Pranic Psychotherapy on the patient. 

The theory of behind Pranic Psychotherapy is based on the view that the aura that coexists with our physical body accumulates impurities such as negative emotions, negative thoughts and parasites that dirty our Aura and affect our bodies.

Negative thoughts are created by the way we think and act in every aspect of our lives.  This is how addictions and many other psychological disorders arise. As we know, our psychological and emotional states affect us and many times this manifests as illnesses. After the first Pranic Psychotherapy session, the patient feels more relaxed, relieved, happy and balanced.  Traumas and phobias can disappear with only one session of Pranic Psychotherapy. Iin the case of chronic diseases although the patient feels better already from the first session, they will need a series of treatments to achieve the best possible result.

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