A simple but very effective technique to  release yourself from negative emotions and improve your health. Are overly anxious and feel out of control? Do you get angry and become unfair to others without wanting it? Do you feel that your inner emotions are negatively affecting your health? Do  you want to become the Master of  your emotions and be able to face your everyday life with calmness and positivity but you do not know how?

Improve your life and the life of  those around you through this simple but powerful practice of  Meditation on Twin Hearts. Twin Hearts refer to the heart center, which is the center of  human love and the crown center which is the center of  unconditional love.

Practicing meditation transforms your inner state as it cleans our system of the negative energies and thoughts and at the same time achieves self-healing. 

The benefits of Meditation on Twin Hearts:

 International studies have shown that practicing this meditation doubles the production of serotonin in the right and left hemispheres of the brain and rejuvenates the body by achieving higher energy levels and better health. It creates a sense of Inner Peace and Happiness and it creates a healthy self-confidence and  harmonious relationships.

Do not be afraid of the word Meditation

Many people mistakenly associate the concept of meditation with religious practices and do not realize that meditation is a state we enter into every day whenever we concentrate intensely and seek contact with the truth and ourselves. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a practice developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui after many years of research and experimentation. His goal was to adapt advanced meditation techniques to the modern way of life outside of any Religious Frameworks.

The Secret of Meditation is in the Heart

The peculiarity of this practice is that instead of focusing only on yourself, energy is channeled to the whole planet. This energy can be used for the benefit of an individual, of a family, a society but also for humanity. As it is in giving that we receive, the positive energy given  through Meditation returns to you many, many times on all levels of your life.

Come and experience Meditation on Twin Hearts

This Meditation is a guided, recorded  meditation with the voice of the Founder of Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui with Greek translation. 

Come and experience the positive benefits of meditation, at our Centers here in Cyprus!