Pranic Distant Healing

 Atma Namaste and welcome to Distant Pranic Healing !

Finally, a method available to suit the needs of any busy lifestyle.
Modern Pranic Healing is an energy healing method designed to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Be it physical, emotional or mental conditions, Pranic Healing has the made to measure healing protocol. Pranic Healing is intended to act as complementary to orthodox medicine and as an alternative supplement to assist the healing process.

What is Distant Healing?
Distant Healing is based on the Principle of Interconnectedness and Directability. All people are interconnected because their energy bodies are part of the earth’s etheric body. Based on this principle, a Pranic Healer can perform a healing session to a patient from a distance because their energy bodies are interconnected.
Energy follows our thought and that is how distant healing can take place. Energy can be projected where our thought and intention is focused. During a distant healing session the intention of the healer is to perform a healing to the specific patient, thus the energy directed to the patient reaches the patient and the results are immediate.

How does a Distant Healing Session take place?
A distant healing session can be as powerful as an in-person healing session. The patient can connect via Zoom or Skype to our Center’s healers and the healing session takes place as it would at the Healing Center. The healer and patient discuss the medical history of the patient. The patient sits in a comfortable position in the comfort of his own home and the healer proceeds with the healing session.

When can I ask for a Distant Healing?
Distant healing is the perfect solution for everyone working long hours with very little free time. By booking an Online Healing Session there is no need to travel long distances, just book your session and log in !
Distant Healing can also be requested in case of emergency. When there is an emergency there is no time or possibility to meet with a patient, a distant healing can be performed.
Patients with restricted mobility find it very convenient to do distant healing.
Social distancing has made it challenging for people to meet in person, so the easiest way to receive healing is Online.

How can I book a Distant Healing Session?

Fill in the form below and one of our Healers from our Pranic Healing Center will contact you to arrange the healing session.

Services are offered in Greek, English and Hungarian language !

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