Associate Pranic Healer

As alternative therapies have taken a very important part in the healing process, the need has arisen for an Educational Programme which will give the opportunity to serious and dedicated students to become Certified Pranic Healers.
With the guidance of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, and with the professional skills and achievements of International advisors, the Institute for Inner Studies is in the position to offer us a Programme which includes all aspects of Pranic Healing.
The Certification programme is a 1 year programme which includes a methodical and in-depth training based on the Pranic Healing Seminars which are the foundation for more knowledge and development.
This programme will help you achieve more success, harmony and balance in all areas of your life. A thorough revision of the Principles of Pranic Healing is done, in order to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the students.
Moreover, an emphasis is given on the practical part of educational programme, as specialized techniques and skills are improved.
Great emphasis is given on hygiene, ethics, responsibility and healing.
Pre-requisites for participating in the Certification Programme are:
  • Basic Pranic Healing
  • Advanced Pranic Healing
  • Pranic Healing Psychotherapy
  • Arhatic Preparatory Level
The Certification Programme includes:
  • Pranic Healing Seminars Training
  • Principles of Chinese Medicine
  • Ear Accupuncture
  • Principles of Psychology
  • Principles of Diet
  • Pranic Cellular Healing
  • Lessons given by Certified Pranic Healers from abroad
  • Philosophy,
  • Pathology and Anatomy Lessons
  • First Aids
The students will need to take classes on medical subjects (nurses and doctors excluded). A medical doctor Pranic Healer will conduct the medical part of the training programme. The students will have to take examinations in order to ensure that they have acquired the knowledge.
Principles of Ethics for Healers Written Examinations, personal guidance and appraisal Repetition of Basic, Advanced and Psychotherapy The repetition of the above Seminars is necessary, in order to ensure that the participants have a deep knowledge of MCKS Pranic Healing and follow the techniques.
Certification Programme Levels:
  1. Associate Pranic Healer
  2. Certified Pranic Healer
  3. Certified Pranic Psychotherapy
  4. Certified Senior Pranic Healer
  5. Certified Assistant Master Pranic Healer
  6. Certified Master Pranic Healer
Part of the training requires participants to submit 25 healing cases:
  • 10 Basic Pranic Healing Cases
  • 10 Advanced Pranic Healing Cases
  • 5 Pranic Psychotherapy Healing Cases
The above healing cases will be evaluated during the Certification Programme. At the end of a successful training and in case the 25 healing cases are accepted, the Certificate will be issued by the IISI (Institute for Inner Studies Inc.).
This specific Certification Programme is the first and only one in Greece and has started in 2003. It is recognized by the IISI (Institute for Inner Studies Inc.). With the completion of the Programme you become a part of an International Organization of Pranic Healers worldwide.