Pranic Healing Session

A Pranic Healing Session is an enjoyable experience   A Pranic Healing therapist discusses the issues, the patient is facing, before beginning the session and the patient is briefly explained what Pranic Healing is and the procedure of the therapy session.

The patient sits on a chair comfortably, during the therapy session. With very simple movements of the hand and without touching the physical body of the patient, the Pranic Healing therapist can detect diseased energy and can clean the affected area. Following that, he energises the patient with the necessary amount of prana, so that the healing process can begin.

At the end of the therapy session, there is relief from the symptoms and the patient feels relaxed. The duration of a therapy session, as well as the frequency of the healing sessions, vary according to the nature of the problem.

Therapy sessions at our centre are by appointment and done by certified Pranic Healers. To book an appointment please call : 99717195 or 99977181 or email: with the subject “Request for Appointment”.

ATTENTION!! Pranic Healing does not intent to replace orthodox medicine, but rather complement it. If an ailment is severe or symptoms persist, please consult a medical doctor and a certified Pranic Healer.

 Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

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